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Building Department

Civic Center is CLOSED to the Public

The Civic Center is closed to the public and we are taking applications via drop box in the rear vestibule or by fax at 216-475-6081.Also, by email at (Please note all emails will be processed within 2 business days)

The goal of the Building Department is to protect the health, safety and welfare of the public through the interpretation and enforcement of the Garfield Heights building codes, zoning codes, and other applicable regulations governing construction and land uses.

The Building Department provides supervision of construction activities, issuance of all building/mechanical/electrical/plumbing permits, registration of contractors, plan verification for compliance with the Ohio Building Code, NEC, Residential Code of Ohio for 1, 2, and 3 Family Dwellings, and the Garfield Heights Planning/Zoning Codes.

The Building Department also inspects properties, which in turn helps to maintain property values, through the enforcement of the Garfield Heights Exterior Maintenance Code, Point-of-Sale Inspection Procedure, and Rental Property Registrations/Inspections.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Building Department would
prefer credit cards and checks over money at this time. 
Thank-you for your understanding!

Building Commissioner
Mr. Mark Moro
Phone: (216) 475-3835

Point – of – Sale Inspections

Point-of-Sale inspections are required for all structures being sold, transferred, or otherwise conveyed. The exteriors/interiors of the properties are inspected; a Compliance Certificate is required for transfer of title.

The requirements for the Compliance Certificate for title transfer are as follows:

The buyer must complete the “Buyer’s Acknowledgement Form”, have notarized and original returned to the office. If the purchaser is a business, an agent must be designated, and if the business is located outside the state of Ohio, that business must register with the Ohio Secretary of State as a foreign corporation (before the Compliance Certificate can be issued), and must also designate an Ohio agent.

If there are outstanding violations that the buyer is assuming, an “Affidavit” must also be completed, notarized and original returned to the office. Seller’s signature on the affidavit is not required on bank owned, Fannie Mae, or Freddie Mac properties only. Buyer is given 90 days from the date of transfer to do the repairs.

Effective through November 6, 2016, buyers will not be required to put repair funds into an escrow account for violations cited during the point of sale inspection. The affidavit and Acknowledgement forms must still be signed prior to transfer and repairs still must be made by the deadline (90 days from date of transfer).


City of Garfield Heights requires notification of a foreclosure filing within ten days of that filing with the relevant court.
Please use the following form, and return with check payable to City of Garfield Heights. See Codified Section 1314.

Property Information Requirement

City of Garfield Heights also has a Property Information Form requirement. Please return this form. There is no fee associated with this form.


Permit applications may be obtained from the Building Department or downloaded in PDF format.

For information on Zoning and Building Codes and Permit Fees go to: Code: Chapter 1100Building Code: Chapter 1300Permits/Fees: Chapter 1313Housing Code: Chapter 1400Please click here to download the Garfield Heights official zoning map (2.54 MB).Please click here to download the Garfield Heights official address map (3.99 MB).

Construction of new buildings and/or property owners who intend to construct new buildings and/or additions, are required to appear before the Planning Commission.

For information, please contact  the Building Department at 216-475-3835 or

Plan Requirements for Additions and Structural Renovations

New commercial building, addition or alteration

Change in Use or Occupancy

Application for Residential Miscellaneous Permit
Criteria for Condemning Sidewalk, Driveways, Aprons, Patios or Portions Thereof
Aluminum or vinyl siding
Residential roofing
Commercial flat roof
Concrete replacement
Asphalt paving
Swimming pool
Swimming pool requirements

Fence Permit with Legislation
Fence Application Process

Garage Sale Permit
Sign Application
Temporary Sign Application

News – $930,000 Awarded for Property Demolition

Garfield Heights Awarded $930,000 for Property Demolition

Garfield Heights officials learned they will receive $930,000 from Cuyahoga County to demolish unsalvageable residential and commercial properties.  The Property Demolition Program is expected to strengthen existing communities, accelerate property value growth and restore neighborhoods, according to Cuyahoga County Executive Armond Budish. Nineteen other communities were awarded part of the more than $10 million project allocation. The first round of awards will address about 10 percent of the vacant properties throughout the various communities hit hard by the foreclosure crises and declining values.

“Addressing vacant and distressed properties is an urgent issue throughout Cuyahoga County,” Budish said. “We are committed to working with communities and housing advocates, side-by-side, to eliminate blight, promote redevelopment and ultimately, create stronger neighborhoods.”

Garfield Heights Mayor Vic Collova said he is pleased the county was able to find the money to help struggling communities. “We appreciate the commitment of the executive and the county council members. This is a program we definitely need and our city will see its benefit,” said the mayor.

Applications for a second round of funding will be accepted beginning May 1. Garfield Heights Economic Development Director Noreen Kuban said officials have identified 92 structures to be demolished with the first-round funding the city will receive. “And we know there are additional vacant and blighted properties we can take care of, if we receive more money from the county program,” Kuban said.

According to Cuyahoga County officials, Bedford will receive $425,000; Cleveland, $992,240; Maple Heights, $908,000; and Newburgh Heights, $525,000.