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Point – of – Sale Inspections

Point-of-Sale inspections are required for all structures being sold, transferred, or otherwise conveyed. The exteriors/interiors of the properties are inspected; a Compliance Certificate is required for transfer of title.

The requirements for the Compliance Certificate for title transfer are as follows:

The buyer must complete the “Buyer’s Acknowledgement Form”, have notarized and original returned to the office. If the purchaser is a business, an agent must be designated, and if the business is located outside the state of Ohio, that business must register with the Ohio Secretary of State as a foreign corporation (before the Compliance Certificate can be issued), and must also designate an Ohio agent.

If there are outstanding violations that the buyer is assuming, an “Affidavit” must also be completed, notarized and original returned to the office. Seller’s signature on the affidavit is not required on bank owned, Fannie Mae, or Freddie Mac properties only. Buyer is given 90 days from the date of transfer to do the repairs.

Effective through November 6, 2016, buyers will not be required to put repair funds into an escrow account for violations cited during the point of sale inspection. The affidavit and Acknowledgement forms must still be signed prior to transfer and repairs still must be made by the deadline (90 days from date of transfer).